Written by  :  tantoedge (20)
Written on  :  Jul 17, 2000
Platform  :  Windows

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Better than Diablo

The Good

The graphics are incredible to say the least, with more than a few absolutly breathtaking effects included to make this one game that will leave your eyes smiling with satisfaction.

The sound effects, voice acting and music are also excellent, leaving little to be desired short of better hearing when you're trying to pick out all the subtle moans, and hypnotic groans as you traverse one location after the next.

The architecture throughout this wonderment is an example of what true talent can create. Hats off to the designers behind Redemption, every location is another piece of heaven, taking into account detail, beauty, mystique, and gameplay.

For those literary types who love a good story, here's one along with great graphics. The storyline behind Redemption is well written and well told.

The Bad

Pathfinding, Pathfinding, Pathfinding! While the new patch does address this issue to some degree, your characters are susceptible to some ridiculas glitching.

Also, your party members are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and thus you must be extremely cautious of their mood settings, otherwise you'll find yourself babysitting a bunch of moronic nitwits... or better yet, corpses.

Gameplay is the age old, time told hack n' slash approach. Here's the dungeon, go in, clean it out, get the item, come back. One 'fetch-boo boo-fetch' after another. Tiresome, uninspired.

The Bottom Line

To put it as bluntly as I can: Darkstone on Acid.