The post-game credits end with the following statement: "No szlachtas were harmed in the making of this game", followed by "Okay, well, maybe just one or two". The szlachtas are a common species of monsters you encounter in several dungeons of the game.


Apparently the game has several endings, depending on how you handled your plunge into darkness throughout the game (did you try and save people, or send them to their death?), as well as how quickly you try to destroy the final character. All the endings have completely different flavours and should be tried out.

German version

In the German version, all blood and gore effects were removed.


Some early ads showed that the vampire characters were unable to cast reflections (as per standard vampiric lore). This was changed for the final release, as in White Wolf's World of Darkness being reflection-less is a unique trait of the Lasombra clan (this is also used as a plot device in the game).

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