Vanguard Princess Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Introduction movie
Main Menu
Main character and support character selection screen
The character profile screen for Haruka Kutsuna
Difficulty mode selection screen
Yui Kutuna slashes Lilith with a powerful sword smash.
Yui Kutuna's special move with lots of consecutive hits.
Haruka Kutuna watches Saki Mitonoya land on her face.
Ayane Ikuse calls in her support character to drive back Haruka.
Lillith has a flaming breath.
Luna Himeki has very elegant stances combined with her guns.
Ground stance ... dodge this!
Luna can shoot from the air too.
A powerful dashing move that will kill off Ayane.
Kaede Hioh throws down Luna.
Even though there are no real adult moments, this is hardly a flattering pose.
Both support characters are currently cancelled out.
A colourful KO hit
The support character misses.
Another smashing Liberty Art attack involving Lilith and her teddybear.
Both characters at ease
Kaede Hioh's somersault kick that finishes off the 4-hit combo.
Winning screen
Natalia Glinka combines a large gun with a more primitive weapon.
Natalia's combo link in progress
Eri Hasumi electrifies her opponent with the help of the support character.
Ayane summons a big sword.
Yui's upwards sword slash
Eri performs a high kick in the middle of a chain combo.
Ayane shoots a giant arrow.
Yui hits Luna in the stomach.
Luna strikes back with a giant gun that suddenly appears out of nowhere.
Haruka's stance firing her beam is pure elegance.
Introducing Hilda Rize, the boss character.
Hilda launches a giant fireball.
Many moves can become hectic, here Luna opens up a portal with signs next to it.
Haruka dodges the incoming attack.
If you didn't know better, you'd think this is a musical.
A double hit with the help of my support character.
Yui's colourful special move
Character's description
Haede can bounce from wall
Lilith's special power
Winner's speech
Game is still loading...
Comics characters
Smoke in the water
Rival on ground
After boss fighting
Government in works
Back to normal life