Vegas Games 2000 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen and main menu
The initial menu. Only one player has been created here but it is possible to create more.
The game selection menu
Video Poker: Jacks or Better. The players game stats are shown in the lower panel. In the lower left is the 'double down' feature button which is only active after a win
Video Poker: Jacks or Better showing the game's menu bar from which other games are selected
Video Poker: The Jokers Wild game
Video Poker: The Deuces Wild game
The Keno game.
All games have a Strategy/Tips screen that open in a new window
A blackjack game. There are games with 1, 2, 4 & 6 decks which are counted as different games.
The Craps table
The Poker table playing 7-Card Stud. Other poker games are selectes from the game's menu bar and all have the same layout
In addition to having the usual Strategy/Tips screen Baccarat has this useful rules summary
The Roulette table
The Big Money Wheel. This game has the worst odds of all Vegas games and should be avoided, well so the Strategy guide says
The game's ATM machine where winnings can be banked and stats can be viewed
Player stats. The same stats can be accessed from the main menu but then they're shown without the ATM format