Versailles II: Testament of the King Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title and Main Menu (in Russian)
Part of the in-game encyclopedia (in Russian)
Historical figure from encyclopedia
Introductory story (in Russian)
It is you, Charles-Louis de Faverolles.
Duchess of Burgundy is here.
Starting the adventures near Stables.
Talking with your old friend (in Russian)
Map of Versailles (in Russian)
Inside the tavern
Old kind of policeman.
You may listen the dialogues of others.
Waiting in the queue consisted of other noblemen.
Your bed in Tavern.
Dress up yourself to be ready for the Royal Lunch.
Make-a-room mini-game
This guy will give you a precious diamond to keep (in Russian)
You set up the diamond as a bet in this mini-game. Will you win? :-) (in Russian)
You will escort Spanish ambassador to the Royal Gardens.
Guiding in the Royal Gardens.