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Victoria II (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Victoria II Credits

Paradox Interactive Credit List

ProducerJohan Andersson
Project LeadThomas Johansson
Game DesignJohan Andersson, Christopher King
ProgrammingThomas Johansson, Dan Lind, Fredrik Zetterman, Johan Andersson, Olof Björk, Henrik Fåhraeus, Björn Johannessen, Sara Wendel-Örtqvist
2D ArtistJonas Jakobsson
3D ArtistFredrik Toll
TutorialThomas Johansson, Christopher King
Original MusicAndreas Waldetoft
Lead TesterChristopher King
Manual and Strategy GuideEd Hanks
CEOFredrik Wester
EVP DevelopmentJohan Andersson
EVP SalesReena M. Miranda
EVP PublishingSusana Meza Graham
CFOLena Blomberg
Product ManagerBoel Bermann
Associate ProducerMattias Lilja
PRShams Jorjani
MarketingShams Jorjani
Sales AssistantAndrew Taranto
Community ManagerLinda Kiby
Finance & AccountingEmilia Hanssen
Packaging LayoutChristian Sabe
Manual LayoutChristian Sabe, Andrew Aske
Marketing AssetsMick Pollacci
EditorRyan Newman (Digital Wordsmithing)
LocalizationS&H Entertainment Localization
Cover ArtJeff Miller
Concept ArtPeter Johansson
PackshotsMartin Doersam

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (114936)