Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White Credits


Chief Creative OfficerCraig Holland
Executive ProducerMick Donahoo
ProducerKyle Christensen
EngineeringGuilherme Miguéis
StoryCraig Holland
DesignCraig Holland
Level DesignKyle Christensen, Mark Brashear, Sean Allum
Puzzle DesignKyle Christensen, Mark Brashear, Sean Allum
ArtistsMark Brashear, Charyssa Wade, Sean Allum, Noah Williams
Quality AssuranceLuke Watkins
Sound DesignCraig Holland
MusicVel9 Studios
VoiceoverJohn Rayment, Cassandra Wilson, Robyn Holland, John Holman
Story based on the classic novel "The Woman in White" byWilkie Collins

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80159)