Vietcong: Fist Alpha Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu.
SFC Warren Douglas, your new alter-ego.
The Degtyarev DP is one of six new weapons in Fist Alpha.
Fist Alpha is actually a prequel to Vietcong. You work with the same team of soldiers that Hawkins later joins.
The Captain details your mission to build a brand new firebase at Nui Pek.
Fist Alpha adds water buffalo but there are still no women anywhere to be seen.
I take that back. There's one woman. Squint at the magazine on your cot to see her.
As before, the load screens show mission intel. You'll have a long time to study it.
Your first mission will be to find and rescue a shot down pilot
Radio call HQ for updates, which also serves as save point
Watch your steps as enemy traps are very hard to spot, but easy to trigger
When accompanied by your team, you can issue them orders according to the situation you're in
Going through the cavern to avoid the ambush
Beside the scout, map is your only source of navigation
Helping the villagers fend off VC
This would be a long fall down so thread light
Extraction team coming to get you out of whatever mess you got yourself into
Building up the Nui Pek camp (this is prequel to Vietcong, hence before the camp was built)
Shooting down from a Huey to clear as much of enemy presence as you can before you land
Using C4 to blast the temple door and launch an offensive against VC
Looks like VC has a secret weapon factory beneath the temple
Using the sniper to reach some of the far targets