Vietnam Air War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The first time the game is run after its installation there's a short delay before the main menu screen comes up
This is the main menu screen
After installation Vietnam becomes top of the scenery library
When selecting a mission the player first chooses a 'nationality'. USN & USAF are obviously both American but classing them as different nationalities allows separate missions for each
A new pilot has just been created and added to the duty roster. The Scuttlebutt button brings up a piece of historically information relevant to the mission
This is the background information to a US Navy mission. It's accessed via the Scuttlebutt option
The briefing screen for a USAF mission
One of the aircraft viewed in the selection menu. All the aircraft names start with the letters JFV which makes locating them easier. Each aircraft has a series of load-out options.
The cockpit of the Douglas A-1H Skyraider
The Douglas A-1H Skyraider flying over the Bien Hoa base
The Douglas A-1J Skyraider in flight and showing the tail hook used in carrier operations. The cockpit view is the same as the A-1H variant
The cockpit view of the Fairchild AC-119G Shadow
The Fairchild AC-119G Shadow has a set of 'miniguns' that fire down and to the right
The cockpit of the McDonnell-Douglas F-4E Phantom II
The McDonnell-Douglas F-4E Phantom II on the Bien Hoa runway
The McDonnell-Douglas F-4N Phantom II. The cockpit view is the same as the F-4E variant
The interior of the Bell UH-1C Huey. There are gunners to both right and left plus a co-pilot
The Bell UH-1C Huey
The cockpit of the Cessna O-1F Bird Dog. This is a two seater plane and there's an observer in the seat behind the pilot
The Cessna O-1F Bird Dog in flight over the default scenery
The Grumman A-6A Intruder cockpit
The Grumman A-6A Intruder in flight
The Doughlas A-4C VA-113 Skyhawk cockpit
The Doughlas A-4C VA-113 Skyhawk in a cloudless sky
The F8E Crusader
The F8E Crusader showing wheel well details. When the gear is lowered the landing light comes on automatically
The cockpit of the Crusader
The F8E Crusader VF-24
The MiG-17 'FRESCO' cockpit
The MiG-17 'FRESCO' in flight
The MiG-17 'FRESCO' in camouflage livery
The new bases appear in the library prefixed by the letters 'NAM'
The Skyraider on the deck of the USS Enterprise ready for take-off
The North Vietnamese mission selection screen. There are separate mission screens for the US Navy and the US Air Force. Naturally the flags and emblems change on each