Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Trail Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

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    Alone and Surrounded
    You're trapped behind enemy lines. You’ve been ordered to hold out at all costs. Headquarters has called in ground and air support— but will it get to you in time?

    Stop the Viet Cong Advancement Along the Trail AT ALL COSTS!

    • Separated from your Special Forces unit, fight to survive entrenched and outnumbered in enemy territory.

    • Prepare for an all-out firefight against a raging onslaught of enemy troops, tanks and artillery storms.

    • Bathe the enemy in flames with Napalm strikes from your American fighter squadrons.

    • Your survival depends on ammo drops from UH1 helicopters—watch their backs or lose your lifeline.

    • Rely on relentless attacks from your artillery brigade to devastate the enemy front lines.

    • Arm yourself for non-stop action through 60 heart-pounding missions.

    • Call in howitzer bombardments and napalm strikes to immobilize the enemy in a sea of flames.

    • Survive Viet Cong ambushes using your pistol, M-16 rifle, mini-gun or mortar.

    • Rely on your Special Forces commando training to survive the brutal terrain and dense Vietnam jungle warfare.

    Contributed by Sciere (478561) on Jul 16, 2004.