VIP Ultimate Classic Wings: The Collection Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen shot shows the screen which is displayed when the CD is loaded. From this menu the player selects the plane(s) to be installed.
The aircraft appear in the simulator's library. Most are loosly grouped by name, such as these ATR variants, but others like the preceding ANA Boeings appear on their own
This is the Boeing 720-047B variant in Western airline's livery on the runway at Megis Field, USA.

Flight Simulator 98
This is the instrument panel of the Boeing 720-047B variant. There is also a fuel panel and a light test panel.

Flight Simulator 98
This is the Vickers Viscount 806 in British Airways livery.
The Boeing 757-222 in United Airways livery. This model does not have animated surfaces, i.e. the rudder and flaps don't appear to move.
The cockpit of the Boeing 757-222 showing the panels that are available.
The Boeing 707-331 in TWA livery
The Boeing 747-168B in Saudi livery
The Sea King SH3D in Japan's Defence Force livery
The North American Wirraway was nicknamed the "Chuff Chuff". This is the livery of a plane that saw action in Burma, 1942.
This North American Texan T-6D was used in thunderstorm research in 1947. At least the plane loks better than the simulator's thunder cloud.
The McDonnell Douglas FG1 A&AEE
The Airbus A310-324 cockpit showing the available panels
The Airbus A310-324 in Delta Airlines livery on the runway at Megis Field, USA.
The B767-306ER in KLM livery
The Air Littoral Bombardier (Canadair) CRJ 100ER 50-passenger regional jet. This is part of the Canadian Regional and Business Jet series
The DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter in the livery of the British Antarctic Survey
The Douglas C-47 in the livery of the Royal Airforce Transport Command on the runway at Biggin Hill, UK.
On the runway of Sweden's Skavsta airport is a Bombardier Global Express executive business jet in the developer's livery.
This is the Mynarski Lancaster, a warplane restored by the Canadian Warplane Heritage. It commemorates P/O Andrew Mynarski who won the Victoria Cross.
A Lancastrian Airliner, it carried a maximum of thirteen passengers and had no windows.
The Lockheed L188 Electra in Reeve Aluetian Airways livery. This model has moving flaps and lights.