Virtual Resort: Spring Break Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
The dock, where the ferry arrives (or boat, if you're close to land).
The hotel, the staple of your resort, can hold up to 100 guests.
Builders are working on constructing a Lifeguard Shack so guests' won't drown.
Increasing the strength of the beer at the Beach Bar gets guests' drunk faster.
When there's a heat wave, the game gets brighter.
The first set of guests ready to have fun (or not, depending on what you've built).
The ferry approaches for the last time today, as it's getting dark out.
After a certain hour, all your building's lights turn on, creating a nice atmosphere.
Builder's are working on the pool, which will be one of the heavy crowd pleasers.
Each guest has an individual panel. Here, Robert feels like smashing something because he's bored.
Come nighttime, the Beach Disco is the hottest place!
The lifeguard (in red, behind the shack), reviving a guest who nearly drowned.
The graphics are nice, like this waterfall.
Guests are enjoying a relaxing, early evening swim.
This is what a fully developed, small island resort looks like at night.
A row of lifeguard shacks waiting to be built.
My builder's aren't happy! I guess working them non-stop by adjusting their hours isn't good.
For islands that can be reached by land, the bus will drop off guests; not a ferry.
This is the "admin" area; power plants, builder's yard, mechanic's hut, and representative chalet's.
The water is dirty, so this woman, who turned green, decides to throw up on my clean beach.