Virtual U Credits


Published byAlfred P. Sloan Foundation
Developed byEnlight Software
Simulation Model Developed byThe Jackson Hole Higher Education Group
Project Director (Sloan)Jesse Ausubel
Project Director (The Jackson Hole Higher Education Group)Bill Massy
Project Director (Enlight)Trevor Chan
Original ConceptBill Massy
Game DesignTrevor Chan, Jesse Ausubel, Bill Massy, Sally Vaughn
Programming Version 2.0Gilbert Luis, Kenneth Mo, Marco Yuen
Programming Vesion 1.0Fred Hui, Alan Chea, Kevin Wong, Zhou Bin, Zhang Bing
GraphicsChris Whitehouse, Victor Ngai
Game TextJesse Ausubel, Bill Massy, Sally Vaughn
User Manual and Strategy GuideNeil Salkind
Project Manager for DocumentationDavid Greely
MusicRoberto Khan, Chris Whitehouse
Sound EffectsRoberto Khan, Chris Whitehouse
Beta‑testing CoordinationEva Wong
Marketing ManagementBenjamin Sawyer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (177198)