Virus: The Game Credits (Windows)

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Virus: The Game Credits


ProducerGraham Morley, Rona Segev
Quality AssuranceDanial Belcher, Ian Gray, Alexis Holmes, Phil Rodkoff
Voices Recorded ByRachel Preece, Richard Ridings
Manual ProductionBethan Evans
Technical ProducerRan Bronstein
Programming Group LeadersMarina Lachtarnik, Alexander Pinsker
ProgrammingDmitry Brusilovsky, Sergei Doze, Etay Shnapp
Project ManagerAmos Carmi
Graphic DesignAmos Carmi
3D Design and AnimationZarik Krasnov
Level / Scenario DesignKoby Elany
Graphics / ArtworkOrna Aisenstein
Game DesignAmos Carmi, Koby Elany, Rona Segev

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