VVVVVV Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

A classic loading screen
Main menu
Introduction sequence
Flipping gravity moves the character to the ceiling at once.
Some of the obstacles are quite inventive.
There are a few personal logs with background information.
Getting trinkets such as the one to the right is largely optional.
These beams will swing the character around.
Locate teleporters to activate them.
A small part of the map and the teleporters has been revealed.
Rescuing a crew member
There's a sad elephant in the room.
These platforms allow Veridian to move at a faster speed.
Go down the V
Lies all around you.
There is another checkpoint and a teleporter to the right.
A tricky section
Going down to one of the hardest parts of the game: Veni, Vidi, Vici
Touching the spikes: instant death
There is a smart way to get this trinket.
Moving quickly between platforms
In this part of the game you need to take along the yellow fellow.
A section with a moving bridge
Overview of the additional modes you can unlock.
Progress so far
Moving around in the main areas of the map
In this section movement is time-limited; spikes will appear at the bottom and the top of the screen.
Here they are.
Vermillion is a little stuck.
Survive for one minute in the Gravitron
The cube will teleport Veridian to a new location.
Dead end
Just walk the line
Later sections require very precise timing.
Mind the gap indeed
Deadly hearts and spikes all around
Another difficult section with beams
Playing a game in the Secret Lab
Playing a Time Trial
Time Trial results