The Walking Dead: 400 Days Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Opening screen
Episode selection once the DLC has been installed.
Episode start screen
The gas station that returns in each story.
Title screen
The board where you select the story to start with.
Vince is running through the streets after shooting someone, prior to the outbreak.
The timed conversation options return.
Shooting sequence with a red cross-hair
Wyatt and Eddie driving at night.
The new dragging mechanic with Wyatt
Shel explores the camp.
This walker has been chained and acts as a guard.
Stephanie, Shel and the little sister Becca
The game shows when an important choice will be remembered.
Shel furthers explores the environment.
Russell has a long way to travel.
The driver has some odd habits.
Quick-time event where a car needs to be pushed.
You didn't make it in time: game over.
Starting scene with Bonnie
Bonnie is a bit of a fifth wheel with these two.
A hiding sequence in a cornfield
This character is first introduced in the epilogue.
The gas station on day 400