The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen (in Russian)
Main Menu (in Russian)
Starting the game as Daryl's father (in Russian)
Jess was bitten
Inventory (in Russian)
Jess wants to get out of this mess (in Russian)
Shooting out the zombie's head with sniper rifle
A group of zombies is attacking
Meeting the policeman Blake on the roof (in Russian)
Face of the zombie
Level's objectives (in Russian)
Zombie bodies fill the corridors
On the street
Hiding from zombies on the bus's rooftop
Meeting the Sheriff (in Russian)
Killing one of the zombie with a knife
Meeting Anna Turner, Sheriff's daughter (in Russian)
Noah is wounded, but happy (in Russian)
Trying to help Noah (in Russian)
Finding one of the Hospital's survivors (in Russian)
One-legged zombie is crawling to you
Exterminating zombies one by one with a knife in a close combat
Assigning the mission for survivors (in Russian)
Your brother, Merle gives you orders
Looking for the path to the church
Inside the church to place the fireworks in proper places
Map of your trip (in Russian)
Merle has found his gang (in Russian)
Aiming a zombie with a crossbow
Selecting the survivor (in Russian)
Hiding from a horde in the train
Sheriff and his daughter are leaving
Terry Harrison wants to help his bitten wife (in Russian)
One of collectibles (in Russian)
Aiden wants to set a sign for helicopters (in Russian)
Zombies attacking your survivors at once (in Russian)
Near the helicopter to be saved (in Russian)
Exterminating the approaching zombies with a gun
Merle knows more than Daryl (in Russian)
Several relics were unlocked after the first game completion (in Russian)