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    The Best Stock Exchange Simulation in the World!

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    "Gordon Gecko meets Sim City!"

    It all starts with a failing bank in the Far East. Then, Wall Street is crumbling. As billions of dollars are zapped back and forth across the planet, whole nations stand on the brink of ruin! Lord Fleming, the eminent financial wizard, is counting on you to stabilize the situation. Eliminate irresponsible speculators, make mountains of cash, and perhaps one day, take over the Fleming Empire!

    The best stock exchange simulation in the world, Wall Street Trader 2000 is part simulation, part strategy game and entirely fun! Learn to buy and sell stocks and other equities, understand how global events impact the markets, and gain the confidence necessary to outperform the competition. We can't guarantee you that Wall Street Trader 2000 will make you a better trader in real life -- but if you make loads of cash after playing our game, be sure and send some our way!

    Wall Street Trader 2000 features: -- The best stock exchange simulations in the world, duplicating the fast and exciting world of international finance. -- 70 internationally recognized equities to trade in. -- 16 economic sector including high-tech, automobile, tourism, etc. -- More than 500 newspaper, radio and television updates to keep you informed. -- 35+ minutes of videos. -- Multiple scenarios and ruthless computer opponents. -- Adjustable game speed and difficulty to customize the challenge level. -- Multi-players support for up to 4 players over the Internet. -- In-game email support to communicate with allies or taunt your enemies! -- State of the art 3D animation and more!

    Monte Cristo Multimedia

    Contributed by Trickster (69) on May 12, 2001.