Wallace & Gromit in Muzzled! Screenshots (Windows)

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Main Menu
Wallace's newest invention is an ice-cream truck.
The ice-cream truck comes with a twist: it can make ice out of any flavor you put into the scanner.
This dogs thinks he's been shot.
Digger is ruinning Mrs. Flitts flowers.
Looking at the hot spots on Major Crum.
Winnie talks to Gromit about the upcoming fair.
Twitch gnawing on a table leg.
Pooch - THE must-have magazine for dog owners.
Wallace fixing the ice-cream truck.
Mrs. Gabberly arguing with Mr. Gabberly.
Gromit found a new friend.
Meet Montgomery M. Muzzle
The fair has begun.
No, I'm not.
What's really under that giant hat?
Playing Tic Tac Toe against one smart chicken.
No fair would be complete without a fortune teller.
So that's how the future is predicted.
Will it bl...I mean fry? Of course it will. It always does.
Very dramatic sequence.
The live of Mr. Muzzle is told through such black & white slides.
Paneer won a game but Mr. Muzzle doesn't have a grand price.
Already found three parts of the puzzle - only one left.
Announcing the start of the pie-eating-contest.
Winnie vs. Major Crum - Epic!
Gromit stuck his nose where it didn't belong.
Tricking the highly advanced security system.
That's a little high up even for Gromit.
Twitch is the key here.
Dibbins doing his security inspection.
Major Crum lost the competition.
Looking for a way to get Major Crum on and P.C. Dibbins off the ride.
So that's what was hidden under there.
Moving into attack position. Fire at will.
Twitch and Monty fighting over the loot.
This won't end well - or will it?
Happy End after all.
Wanna know of what Wallace is so terrified about? Play through the episode :).