War in the Pacific: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting the game... it's nice of them to organize my files for me
Title Screen
The Introduction videos show actual black and white footage from the war
Intro videos continued... If you're the Allies, watch out for these Japanese planes and their torpedoes and bombs
One last shot of the Intro video shows the some ships of the Allies
Main menu
Choose your scenario... from shorter campaigns to the full 4+ year campaign
The scenarios each have a Scenario Description...
...and a Historical Description
View information about any air and ground units in the Plane and Weapon Database
The Naval Database lets you see all the information about the naval forces in the game
In order to allow you to control only what you want to, you can set zones of control for either the computer to control or you to control your units in those zones
Use the Strategic Map to see where all known units are positioned
Yet another version of the map shows you what the weather in the various areas is. This can help you plan your attack strategy
Use your combat report to see what happened in the previous turn
The Operational Report lets you see where things are going and what has happened to various people in the previous turn
The final report is the Signal Intelligence Report which will let you see any radio traffic that was noticed in the previous turn. This can help you find enemy units
Here's a look at one of your bases (Pearl Harbor). You can see what units are there as well as the map surrounding it (Visible hexes are optional)
Here is a more detailed view of the port
You can control your units through an interface like this one for planes
Other units have similar control screens, the differences are based on what the unit can do
Take a look at your pilots and others who control your units
Here's another area of the map showing Japan's strong influence in China
After your orders are set, the computer will determine the turn's outcome... here, you can see an air battle
And here you can see a bombing run
Here is a bombing of ships
And, finally, here is ground vs ground combat... a slightly different format
And, after every attack, you see a report of what happened