WarBirds II Credits


Senior ProducersDavid Green, Stacy Nelson (Queenbee)
ProducerJeremiah Heneghan (SkyHunter)
Project ManagersDoug Balmos (Pyro), Robert Stevenson
Game byDale Addink (Hitech)
ProgrammersMike Dickheiser, Jonathan Hoof (Hoof), Larry Hookins (Hook), Scott Inglis (Gringo), John Lundy (Kango), Veronica Newman (Postal), Stewart St. John (Sudz), Brian Duelm (Stick), Dan Hammer (BigMan), Russel Mirabelli (Hoss)
Additional ProgrammingScott Jacobs, Jeff Kiel, Tracy G. McQuillen
Mac ProgrammingSteve Evans
Assistant Game ManagerChris Sherland (Mo)
Lead ArtistRoger Long (Frying Tiger)
ArtistsJerry Commandante (Klink), John Guytan (Monkey), Nathan Mathieu (Natedog), Kevin Rivas (Squirm)
Additional ArtMarco Garcia
Manual Editing and LayoutSara Ley (Slider)
Cover ArtAllison Britt, David Knox (Noodle)
Additional DocumentationW. R. Faulkner II, Mark Pribe (Snail), Bill Trotter
Additional Programming, Art & SupportRobert Salinas (Gunjam)
Additional SupportJoe Enzminger (Quiz), Rodney W. Harper, Mark Kaiser (MkIX), Bill Maier (Stealth), Mike McCoy (Boomer), Tony Miranda, Bob Piper (Piper), Christopher Roby, Robb Shandroff, Trey Taylor (Yert), Fred Welterlin, Stephen Wilkinson (Random), David Womack (Duc)
QA ManagerMark Moormans (Ripcord)
QA CoordinatorJean-Paul Berard (FreshMeat)
Internal TestersDenham Hardman, Chuck Rice, Tony Miranda
AdministrationJoann Colcleasure (Nomad), Kristi Ware (Tweeti)
General ManagerJim Mesteller
Network ManagerJohn MacQueen (Killer)
System AdministrationAli Bokaiyian, Troy Lowe (Rampage)
Technical SupportRodney Hodge (Hatch), Troy Lowe, Eric Proellochs, Clint Richards, Michelle Colley (Frau), Max Fundenberger (Madxx)
LegalBrian Holland (Rolo)
MarketingScott Hawkins (C-Hawk), David Murray (Oscar)
Graphics Engine byTrey Smith (Graphic Simulations Corporation)
Special ThanksRalph Royce (Curator), Lone Star Flight Museum
Additional ThanksNatasha Gutyan, Neil Huntley (Corn), Cameron Lynch (Whip), Rodian Podorozhny (Wisk), Yuri Lowenthal (Voxx), Joe Rutledge
Aircraft Technical Data Supplied byFCI Associates Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by simhead (168) and Sciere (434401)