WarCommander Credits (Windows)

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WarCommander Credits

CDV Software Entertainment AG

Development DirectorMartin Löhlein
ProducerFriis Torben Tappert
Senior QA ManagerPeter Oehler
QAMartin Detzel, André Dordel, Thomas Heil
Special ThanksThomas Kröll, Mario Gerhold, Luc Martin

Independent Arts

Director & Executive ProducerHolger Kuchling
Art DirectorAndreas Adamek
Concept & Game DesignSteven Wendt
Lead ProgrammingMatthias Kläge, Michael Piepgras, Uwe Schmelich
Graphic ArtistsAndreas Adamek, Christine Hoppe, Daniel Mutlu, Thomas Nowicki, Oliver Richter, Martin Sauter, Andreas Simmer, Heiko Stubenrauch, Steven Wendt
Animation and CinematicsErsin Süpke
Special effectsDaniel Mutlu, Michael Piepgras, Ersin Süpke
Audio tracksHenning Nugel, Ingo Nugel, Steven Wendt
Sound FXSteven Wendt
Voice SamplesM&S Music Tonstudio GmbH
Director of Database AdministrationAchim Koyen
Lead Mission DesignerSascha Hartmann
Lead Script ProgrammerAndreas Timmermann
Additional Script ProgrammingMatthias Kläge, Uwe Schmelich
Lead Map DesignerAchim Koyen, Alexander Talmann
Additional Map DesignAndreas Adamek, Sascha Hartmann, Jam Metzelaers, Hartwig Nieder-Gassel, Nina Piepgras, Matthias Siedlaczek
Historical ResearchSascha Aulich, Björn Blankenheim, Matthias Siedlaczek, Steven Wendt
Credit PartDaniel Mutlu
ManualChris Hope
Lead TesterZoltán Kovács
TesterSascha Hartmann, Alexander Lehmann, Torben Lippmann
Special Greetings ToMr. Coffee, Mrs. Baldrian

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Credits for this game were contributed by phlux (4340)