WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos (Demo Version) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Demo main menu screen. Not much different from the retail version.
Demo campaign screen.
Even though the first two missions are the same as in the retail version, the loading screens are completely different.
These Murlocs are coloured differently in the retail version.
A little Easter egg on the first tutorial map.
The scene is set for Thrall's adventure: his fleet of commandeered Alliance ships has to seek refuge from the storm on an unknown island.
Looks like the Orcs will have to stay on the island for a while...
Meet Sen'Jin, leader of the island Troll tribe.
That Troll provides a side-quest involving a search for some ingredients so that Sen'Jin can purify the defiled Fountain of Health.
These Ogres are guarding one of the ingredients.
Quest completed, and you also get a little reward (besides being able to heal your units near the fountain) - healing wards Thrall can carry around.
In the dungeon level, both Orcs and Alliance troops are prisoners trying to escape. Still have to battle each other though.
Humans have broken free...
...and are desperately fighting their Murloc captors.