WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Campaign Screen
Multiple is where it's at!
Attack supply lines early.
Multiplayer battles can get quite busy.
The new undead hero blazes a trail.
Mountain Giant takes a bow.
Tree of life gives wave.
Pick a better fight.
Powerful warlock gives some curry.
The Frozen throne Screen
The Sentinels Campaign
The Bonus RPG campaign
Our Introduction to Maiyev Shadowsong, the Sentinels main character
Frozen Throne features all new campaign missions and locations.
Circle the Wagons! Or at least defend them against attack.
Runes, such as this ones provide a bonus within a localized area.
The Naga are one of the new races introduced in this expansion.
Pretty Waterfalls but a poor defensive position.
The assault has gone well, the village is burning to the ground!
The almighty Pandaren Brewmaster, named Masha Storm-Stout.
Here is a selection for the "Demo" campaign.
The dialogue comes when the mission begins, as Thrall from the "Demo" campaign.
Victory is solved for the "Demo" campaign.
The Frozen Throne Main Menu Screen. (Note: I used local custom files but it's Spanish language. so it's version 1.26. see on Quit Button on near version)
Options Menu.
Skirmish Custom Game. Previewing Map.