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Wargasm Credits


Game DesignMartin Kenwright
Project ManagerSimon Livesey
Lead ProgrammerSteve Monks
Senior ProgrammerRichard Badger
AI ProgrammerMark Lynch, Alistair Nash
Audio ProgrammingRobin Anderson
Driving ModelJeremy O'Brien
Lead ArtistIan Boardman
Senior ArtistAndy Gahan
ArtistsNeil Ambler, Jay Brown, Richard Cook, Andrew Manns
GUI Design and ConstructionDonna Jennett
Additional ArtistsDavid Ambler, Bill Bird, Martin Carter, Richard Thomas
3Dream Engine and Additional EffectsMike Burrows, Kevin Gee, Mark Gornall, Scott Kirkland, Mark Lomas, Peter Memmott, Richard Taylor, Kam Yin Yip
Additional ProgrammingVincent Cassidy, Nevil Plura, John Williams
Mission DesignZuby Ahmed, Dave Armsby, Philip Mervik, Jon Radcliffe, Jon Spencer
QA TestingCarl Jackson, Robert D. Lunt, Dave Moore, Matthew Pearson, Jon Radcliffe, Dave Armsby
Special Thanks ToTony Buckley, Paul Chaffe, Ivan Davies, Allan Duggan, Ant Howell, Tim Johnson, Simon Kershaw, The Officers and Soldiers of The Royal Armoured Corps Demonstration Team, Lynda Whitby, Don Whiteford, Chris Orton, Colin Bell, Robert Lynch, Michael Hocking, Intel Corp., Jerome Zimmerman, David Ewing
Software Development DirectorRussell Payne
Manual DesignBill Bird
ProducerTony Buckley
Beta testersMark Avey, Chris Leavitt, Chris Partridge, Ken Rumsey, Lanny Erdos, Duncan Hughes, Steve Phillips, Mark Richmond
Customer SupportNev Cook, Raymon Merrell, David Ferguson
Public RelationsRoger Godfrey, Jo Upton
Technical SupportJohn Knight, Darren Starkey, Andy Stewart
MusicSimon Kershaw
Music (uncredited) (see game's trivia)Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler
Music delivered byOrinoco Sound Source
WebmasterSteve White
Infogrames UK QAJoe Chetcuti, Jochen Bosiak, Jim Murdoch, Christian Hesse

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (165413) and formercontrib (159872)