Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Campaign selection
The star map
An old comrade - Cyrus and an new skill tree.
Mission briefing
Start team selection - heroes or honor guard?
The main hero for the Imperial Guard campaign.
The start team as well as a garrison building.
Close to close combat.
Great a super heavy tank and no anti-tank weapons.
The new resources.
Resurrect a fallen hero.
Fireworks in a cutscene.
Mission end screen with new stats for the heroes and the loot.
Now I can choose my reward.
To the right the super heavy units of the Tyranids: The carnivex and the hive tyrant.
Entrenching is not very helpful against the bio artillery of the Tyranids.
The swarm attacks Kyras
Space Marine Captain setup for the Last Stand
The new arena for the Last Stand
The Eldar have some mean tricks. Anti-grav grenades for example...
...or the burning spell.
Eldar vs. Eldar, a rare battle
A mad orc summons some Tyranids for assistance...what a mad idea.
The Avatar, the avatar of the eldar god Khaine the god of war and destruction.
A juggernaut, a demon of Khorne
The plague marine is easy to find: Just follow the trail of decay.
The plague marine looks like a zombie, but he is far more agile and much smarter.
Special feature of the chaos: Construct a shrine and let some cultist worship it for blessings.
Chaos Predators - the armoured fist of the Chaos - receives blessings from the dark gods. Blue = Slaanesh, red = Khorne