Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War Credits

Dreamforge Credits

Executive ProducerJames H. Namestka
Project ManagerScot Noel
Head of Research and DevelopmentThomas J. Holmes
Director of Creative DevelopmentChristopher L. Straka
Design TeamJohn McGirk, Brian Urbanek, Vernon H. Harmon II
Lead ProgrammerVernon H. Harmon II
Programming TeamVernon H. Harmon II, Brian Urbanek, Don Wuenschell
Lead ArtistMichael Nicholson
3D Art CoordinatorJason Johnson
3‑D TeamBrian Bullock, Brian Busatti, Doug Ceccarelli, Gregory A. Cunningham, Kimberly A. Haines, Jason Johnson, David P. Kubalak, Mark Dietz, Gregg Stangl
2‑D Art TeamRob Breisch, Brian Busatti, Craig Mrusek, Michael Nicholson, David Wells
Cinematic Post Production LeadMartin Stoltz
Cinematic Post ProductionTyler Hinkle, Pete Panaia, Josef Franklin Skivolocke III, Martin Stoltz
Sound Effects and Voice Production Jamie McMenamy
Musical ScoreStephen Bennett
Rule Book and Game TextVernon H. Harmon II, Scot Noel, Christopher Pasetto, John McGirk, Brian Urbanek
Scenario ScriptingJohn McGirk
Install ProgrammerJay Hollums
Voice of the FarseerRoger Jerome
Special Games Workshop ConsultantJon Gillard
Special Thanks toMike Breitkreutz, Rip Jaffurs, Keith Lash, Russell Brown, Games Workshop, Thomas J. Holmes, Triple J's Pizza
TestersRob Breisch, David Wells, Gregg Stangl

SSI Credits

VP Product DevelopmentDonald W. Laabs
Executive ProducerDexter Chow
ProducerSam Clifford
Associate ProducerGarrett Graham
Production AssistantAlex Marcelo
Test Department SupervisorJeff Franks
Core TestersDavid Yen, Jessica Jones
TestersDeirdra Hendricks, Alana Gilbert, Thadd Abernathy, Toby Abernathy, Rich Connell, Bryan Fasholtz, Stephan Krause, Ashley L. Bushore, Jason Hall, Aaron Gregoire, Mike Hale, Leila Kincaid, Dustin Hendricks, Pieter Vandenhoff, Tyler Ludlow, Grayson Allder, Jerry Baswell, Rick Bauer, Janaka Conner, Bob Budde, Charles Kammerer, Hugh Moore, Richard Fielder, Robyn California, Peter Ferriola, Shane Fenton, Chris Cates, Walker Richardson, Kurt Maffei
Beta Test CoordinatorGreg Pett
Senior VP Sales and MarketingCaryn Mical
Marketing ManagerTena Lawry
Director of Public RelationsKaren Conroe
Senior Product Marketing AssociateBrigham Hausman
Manual EditorMark Whisler
Multi‑Media ProductionMario Alves
Localization EditorHiromi Okamoto
Localization ProgrammerPhilip Wang
Web TeamMargaret Wallace, Ray Scully, Thom Darr
Research and Development SupportJan Lindner, Russell Brown, Jacques Hennequet, Steven G. Peterson, Bruce Sherrod
Special ThanksBret Berry, Jon Gillard, Jonathan Kromrey, Jeff Peña, Chris Cates, Rick Martinez, Rick E. White
Graphic Design and DTPLouis Saekow Design


Product ManagerAnthony Parkins
PR ManagerPaul Kluge
Graphic DesignAndrew French

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Jeff Peña, 20 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159735) and Grov (646)