Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro scene
Main Menu
The Farseer briefs you before the battle.
Campaign menu: manage your army and purchase strategies.
Manage your army and recruit new units.
Unit placement before battle. Not sure why though, you can't move any of your units anyway...
Zoomed out map
View of the entire battlefield
Unit info
Over the mountains or over the river?
Battle against the marines. Blue hexes show where your unit can move.
The encyclopedia has some nice images and info on all the units. Here's the Whirlwind.
And here's the Hawk.
Advancing in force, while Scouts cover my flanks.
Some of the map locations have little descriptions.
An enemy Librarian is using his powers against me.
This is where units are upgraded.
Certain artifacts give bonuses to units.
Traversing a mountain to reach the enemies' citadel.
Fighting an entrenched enemy in a city is a bloody affair.
This riverbed is an ideal spot for ambushes.
One of the rare named characters is my target.
Units can also be advanced with certain parks.
The true enemy is revealed.
Genestealers and their corrupted allies hold this city.
Reinforcements, very good
The Eldar are joined by the sisters of battle.
A strange alliance is marching to war.
Before each battle, a "strategy" can be selected for the duration of the battle.
Assaulting a dam from two sides.
Take this!
This Psyker is using his unholy power against the Eldar.
Space Marines are now at my disposal.
At the beginning the Tyrannids use mostly corrupted troops, only later they use their real killers.
We shall fight them on the beaches!
While the main force tries to take down a massive Carnifex, some Gargoyles are assaulting the rear.
Those two flying units are easily killing of this melee unit, which can't attack airborne units.
A last stand