Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat Credits


Development ManagerRichard Leinfellner, Karl Fitzhugh
DocumentationKevin Bachus, Karl Fitzhugh, Richard Hewison, Andy Jones, Steve Leney
DesignRichard Castle, Jeff Gamon, Andy Jones, Steve Leney, Gavin Moore
Lead ProgrammingJeff Gamon
SoundAnthony Bowyer-Lowe, Mark Knight
Graphics / ArtworkRichard Castle, Steve Leney, John McCormack, Gavin Moore, Nick Tresadern
ProgrammingPaul Brooke, Jeff Gamon, Rodney Lai, Richard Leinfellner, Andrew J. Buchanan
Graphic DesignBill Duncan, Fiona Todd
Manual Illustrations/PhotosJohn Blanche, Wayne England, Mark Gibbons
Cover DesignDave Gallagher
Marketing / PRSpencer Crossley, Claudine Joris, Tara Mun, Stefan Schmitt
Public RelationsJames Morris
Acting / VoiceoversSean Connolly, Marc Finn, Gavin Naylor
Writing / Dialogue / StoryDave Gamon, Andy Jones, Richard Jones
PlaytestingDarren Chapman, Matthew Dean, Mia Garside, Steve Leney, Martin Newing, Richard Plumb, James Scalpello, Neil Soane, Adrian Wood-Jones
Project LeadSteve Leney
3D ProgrammingDarran Eteo
Installation CodingCarlo Boggio
3D Art provided by Microsoft CorporationReality Lab V2.0
Cinematic DesignParijat Chitale, Dave Foster, Len Frenkel, Alexander Goldobin
Mission DesignKarl Fitzhugh
Mission ConceptSteve Leney, Karl Fitzhugh
Recording StudioBright Light Studio
ElocutionTim Douglass
Translation CoordinationPatrick Baroni
Special Thanks to Games WorkshopAndy Jones, David Petchey, Gareth Morgan (Softimage), Ben White (Softimage), Famous Moc's Pizza, Kevin Bachus, Chifoo, Daphne Powers (Viewpoint), Justine Leach

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Credits for this game were contributed by Hatter (26), Corn Popper (69396) and formercontrib (159514)