Warlock's Mountain Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Choosing a character type.
Warrior preparing to entering the game.
Starting location
Acquiring inventory.
A closer look at that inventory
A closer look yet
An (extremely) early "game over" summary screen.
Getting carried away by the stream.
Compounding my travails, now an enemy has spotted me!
Line-of-sight aptly demonstrated.
The basement of that outdoor structure
Eew, blood splatters!
Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that.
Casting a spell.
A slightly more experienced death screen
Starting a new game with tiled graphics.
Line-of-sight again demonstrated handily.
The entrance to the abandoned barracks
They're coming for me!
Some very important loot from an opponent's corpse.
The entrance to the Mountain itself.
Gate in the middle of the room? Mushroom growing out of the floor? Nothing awry here!