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Warlords: Battlecry III (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Warlords: Battlecry III Credits

Infinite Interactive

Lead DesignSteve Fawkner
Additional DesignDean Farmer, Mick Robertson, Janeen Fawkner
ProgrammingSteve Fawkner, Dean Farmer, Mick Robertson, Nick McVeity
ProducerJaneen Fawkner
Art DirectorsJaneen Fawkner, Lee Smith
Lead ArtistsLee Smith, Janeen Fawkner, Glenn Batten, Andrew Gillard
Additional ArtistsBen Caller, Toby Charlton, Fiona Kerr, Wayne Osborne, Alex Voliani (Microforte Pty Ltd), Michael Lynne (Microforte Pty Ltd), Alex Hobbs, Shamus Baker, Alexander Whitlam, Guy Robinson, James Neale, Chris Proctor
Video Playback CodeBink by RAD Software
MusicSteve Fawkner
Musical ScoreMarc Derell
VoicesWalter Fields, Tassilo Egloffstein, Dianne Nola
Sound EditingMick Robertson
Sound CodeMiles Sound System by RAD Software
Manual Janeen Fawkner
Scenario DesignSteve Fawkner, Janeen Fawkner, Mick Robertson
Game TestingJaneen Fawkner, Miriam Robertson, Stephen Thomas, Rachel Farmer, Ben Miller, Mark J. J. Hill
Special Thanks Mitch Soule (RAD Software), Jeff Roberts (RAD Software), all the players from the Battlecry messageboards & fansites who have contributed feedback & ideas.


Publishing DirectorTrevor Chan, Paul G. Lombardi
Executive ProducerParrish Rodgers
Publishing StaffKenneth Mo, Hillwins Lee, Bernard Yau, Marco Yuen, Walker Chan, Leo Chow, Robin Lam, Ron Leung, Albert Lo
Lead QAMartin Leung
QARobin Lam, Ron Leung, Albert Lo
Public RelationsDavid Murray, Jessica Tew, Bernard Yau
Beta Test CoordinatorHillwins Lee
WBC3 TestersJames Martin, Landon Bolt, Shannon Perley, Fredrik Alsgren, Geoffrey Crawford, Charles Magee, Andres Franceschi, David Collins, Jason Saunders, Julian Zimbelmann, Laurent Becard

Vidis Electronic

General ManagerAxel Schröder
Marketing & Sales DirectorThomas Moss
PR & Product ManagementEgbert Latza, Maik Hennemann, Tobias Blaschke
Manual TranslationTobias Blaschke, Egbert Latza
SalesAxel Schröder, Mario Utz, Thomas Moss
TesterTobias Blaschke, Egbert Latza, Thomas Moss

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