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Warrior Kings: Battles (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Warrior Kings: Battles Credits

Black Cactus

Lead DesignerCharlie Bewsher
Project Manager, DesignerSteve Bristow
Senior DesignersNick Ricks, Andrew Trowers, Mike West
Additional Multiplayer LevelsGeorge Addo
Game Designer and AuthorDavid Morris
Creative DirectorJamie Thomson
Lead ProgrammerPaul Carroll
Senior ProgrammersMatt Curran, Scott Davis, Alex Dowdeswell, Peter Howarth
ProgrammerBob Kang
Senior ArtistsChi Chan, Julia Hunt, James Mason
Lead ArtistMark Tatham
ArtistNick Thomas
Art Style ConsultantsChoice of Weapons Ltd, Marc Hawker, Ishbel Whitaker
Music, Sound Effects and Voice RecordingPaul Weir (Earcom Ltd)
Product TestingGeorge Addo, David Bailey, Ian Turnbull, Jamie Thomson
Black Cactus MarketingDawn Pinkney
Character VoicesAndy Loudon, Tom Aaron, Emma Reeves, Elliot Levy, Gavin Spokes, Terry Beeson, Nick Ricks, Paul Weir, Alex Woodhall, Andy Killick, Bradley Lavelle
NarratorRob Brown
ManualsJamie Thomson (Write Stuff), Alkis Alkiviades (Write Stuff), Vernon Richards (Empire), David Cleaveley (Empire)
Additional Thanks toeveryone else who has helped Black Cactus develop this project

Empire Interactive

Director of DevelopmentDavid M. Pringle
Executive ProducerStéphane Bonazza
ProducerIain Hancock
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Lead TesterPhillip Octave
Assistant Lead TestersRichard N, Chris Matlub
QA Gareth West, Darren T. Bennett, Ryan Kalis, Vernon Richards, Olivier Banal, Mark Jones
Studio Philip Goldfinch, Jamie Young, Jayshree Mistry, Vitali Golev, John Ferguson, Stuart Willard
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr.
MarketingChris East, Adrian Arnese
Installer ProgrammingDan Clarke
Additional ArtworkBen Willsher, Steve Packer, David Swan
Additional QAGraham Harbour

Strategy First Inc.

ProducerAlex Parlour
Associate ProducerJay Podilchuk
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.
Product ManagerProkopios Sotos (Pro)
Director of Marketing Steven Milburn
Graphic Design ManagerLes Parsons
Graphic DesignMartine Bélanger
Web DesignHugo Trépanier, Serge Mongeau
Senior PR Associate Kelly Ekins
Marketing AssociateJulia Cyboran
Logistics CoordinatorAnne-Lise Albrand
Customer SupportBrock Beaubien, Emanuel Wall
President Don McFatridge
Senior VPBrian Clarke
VP Creative DevelopmentRichard Therrien
VP SystemsDave Hill

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