Warzone 2100 Credits


Director of ProjectsJim Bambra
Director of DevelopmentNick Cook
Head of Software EngineeringAlex McLean
Software EngineerAnnette Bell, Tim Cannell, Paul Dunning, John Elliot, Gareth Jones, Alex Lee, Jeremy Sallis
Graphic ArtistKevin R. Ayre, Pete Johnson, Erol Kentli, Kevin Wicks
Graphic Artist / MusicianMartin Severn
DesignerKeith Ledger
Systems ManagerPete Ball
Project co‑ordinatorLouise Anderson
Creative SupportIan Livingstone

Eidos UK

ProducerEric W. Adams
Senior ProducerGrant Dean
Eidos Development SupportRose Montgomery
Localisation ManagerFlavia Timiani-Dean
Head of MarketingJohn Davis
Marketing ManagerDavid Burton
Assistant Product ManagerRebecca West
PR ManagersSteve Starvis, Jonathan Rosenblatt
QA ManagerTony Bourne
Lead Quality AssuranceJason Walker, David Isherwood, Linus Dominique
Quality AssuranceMichael Hanley, Dominic Berzins

Eidos US

ProducerMichael H. Gilmartin
Product ManagersGary Keith
QA ManagerMichael McHale
Lead Quality AssuranceRudi Ellis, Peter Schmalz
Hardware CompatibilityJeremy Hunter
Quality AssuranceJohn Arvay, Greg Rizzer, Corey Fong, Greg Coleman, Clayton Palma, Timothy Moore, Kenneth Schmidt, Christopher Charles, Franklin Vasquez
Additional TestingMark Wallace, Karl Hagemann, Ralph Ortiz
Special Thanks ToJohn Kavanagh, Michael Souto, Lee Briggs, James Poole, The Mplayer‑Team
Additional FMV-3D-Objects byViewpoint Datalabs
Manual Design & LayoutA Creative Experience

Eidos Interactive Deutschland

Marketing DirectorBeco Mulderij
Localization AssistantSören Winterfeldt
Marketing ManagerKay Lankarany
Localization ManagerLars Wittkuhn
PR ManagerSascha Green-Kaiser

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Michael McHale, 70 other games
Ian Livingstone, 61 other games
Clayton Palma, 54 other games
Michael Hanley, 54 other games
Corey Fong, 47 other games
James Poole, 47 other games
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Sören Winterfeldt, 44 other games
Jonathan Rosenblatt, 43 other games
Steve Starvis, 43 other games
David Isherwood, 39 other games
Tony Bourne, 39 other games
Eric W. Adams, 37 other games
John Arvay, 36 other games
Ralph Ortiz, 33 other games
Greg Rizzer, 32 other games
John Kavanagh, 32 other games
Lee Briggs, 31 other games
Jeremy Hunter, 30 other games
Gareth Jones, 29 other games
Martin Severn, 29 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1742), Xoleras (65890) and //dbz: (5172)