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Advertising Blurbs

Game's page at NMG website:

    Новый приключенческий трехмерный квест в стиле « Секретных материалов ». Вновь опасность угрожает человечеству. По всей земле происходят необъяснимые события и явления. Гигантский Маятник, изобретенный много веков назад, пришел в действие. Чудовищное устройство концентрирует земную энергию. Если его не остановить, произойдет глобальная катастрофа, в результате которой наша планета погрузится в вечный мрак. До запуска механизма осталось двадцать четыре часа, и именно столько времени есть у эксперта по паранормальным явлениям Даррела Буна и криминалиста Виктории Конрой, чтобы найти гигантский Маятник и предотвратить конец света.

    · Интригующий сюжет и таинственная атмосфера игры
    · Неординарный геймплей
    · Возможность управлять независимо двумя героями, используя по максимуму их различные умения и навыки
    · Полная свобода действий для игрока и возможность изучать окружающую обстановку, руководствуясь только своими представлениями
    · Более 80 различных помещений и местностей для исследования
    · Множество логических загадок
    · 18 различных персонажей
    · Простой интерфейс и удобное управление
    · Мощный 3D движок
    · Высоко детализированная 3D графика в реальном времени

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57981) on Dec 26, 2010.

Trecision web site:
    The Watchmaker is Trecision's new adventure title featuring real-time 3D graphics: a compelling story which embodies the true evolution of adventure gaming, introducing brand new situations and techniques.

    The story
    A lawyer, Victoria Conroy, and an expert in paranormal phenomena, Darrel Boone, meet for the first time at 3.00 a.m. in a London legal studio. A few hours later a taxi drops them off at the gates of an imposing Austrian castle. Their mission is to recover a device resembling a huge pendulum, which, stolen by a group of religious fanatics, must be located and stopped before midnight to avoid possible global catastrophe.

    With its ability to maximise leyline energy and with the threat of an approaching solar eclipse, the machine poses a serious threat to human survival, or this is what the two "detectives" are lead to believe.

    Victoria and Darrel are welcomed to the castle as guests of the Multinational which now use it as their headquarters. They meet the inhabitants and by speaking with them come to realise that an intricate web of deceit, magic and danger has been woven around the castle, a web which spans centuries and continents. Their task, and indeed that of the player, becomes increasingly more dangerous and complex. With less than twenty-four hours to go, the challenge is no longer a game but a reality.

    Unlike many traditional adventure games, The Watchmaker frees the player from the sensation of moving along a single given path, and gives him the freedom to explore the world around him at his own pace.

    The users is the true protagonist. The Watchmaker's real-time 3Dengine allows the player to choose between dynamically moving cameras in a third person point-of-view, or a subjective first person in order to examine objects and environments in detail. The use of the keyboard to control the interface strengthens the feeling of being actually inside the game, and lets the player decide what to do and when to do it, whether to run or walk, whether to look under a table or, if he prefers, to examine the ceiling overhead.

    The player's strategies are significantly enhanced by the fact that the will have the chance to control two main characters independently,each with different personalities, traits and skills. The two work as a team: one of them successfully distracting a member of the castle staff, for example, whilst the other removes certain evidence. Physical strength, charm, powers of observation, diplomacy and knowledge, are all necessary and with two professionals at his disposal, the player can get to know the characters and understand their reactions and motives.

    The interface is non-intrusive, visible on screen only when needed. It is intuitive and easy to use, yet still very powerful, capable of supporting simultaneous input from both the keyboard and the mouse. The inventory system is no longer a list , but a tool to aid the player's analysis of the objects.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Jun 05, 2002.