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WazHack Credits


Game Design & DevelopmentWarwick Allison (credited as Warwick)
Game Testing2000+ players during the first Beta
Game Testing - Special mention toRedditors and YOGSCAST and their subscribers!, Touch Arcade Players!
Game Testing - Extra special mention to:Sharon A, Robin L, Paul R, Carl M, David Sauter, Oscar N, Villike, Kyo, Essegi, Ted P, Ari & Beth, Duncan B
Sounds ‑ From freesound.org:sword03.wav ‑ Erdie, metal 13.wav - DJ Chronos, door 1.wav ‑ ERH, footstep‑concrete.wav - swuing, hhh12.mp3 ‑ harri, jahhei_thud.wav ‑ kalifornia, Iwan Gabovitch (aka qubodup [swosh-18.flac]), Steam Train.wav ‑ Benboncan, Herbert Boland (DoubleSteamWhistle.wav), PotionDrinkLONG.wav ‑ Jamius, peel_eat_corn.wav ‑ tofumike, coins in pocket.wav - seejacksurf, Sci‑fi 5.wav ‑ juskiddink
Sounds ‑ Other soundsWarwick Allison (credited as Warwick)
Music ‑ Dungeon musicAeronic
Music ‑ Shop musicWarwick Allison (credited as Warwick)

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