WazHack Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Character selection - From left to right: Knight (m), Valkyrie (f), Wizard (m), White Witch (f), Sorcerer (m), Sorceress (f), Huntsman (m), and Huntress (f).
Character selection 2 - From left to right: Rogue (m), Thief (m), Bard (m), Bardess (f), Barbarian (m), Vandal (f), Druid (m), and Druidess (f).
Game start - Climbing down the ladder and a short text intro.
Talents - Each character class has nine different combinations of talents. Each talent having three levels, which may be upgraded when the character levels up.
Skills - Constantly using a weapon or spell (including wands and scrolls) will gradually increase the skill of the character. Here, our wizard is about to upgrade his skill in bows.
Bows - Although only two classes start with bows, finding one greatly increases the chance of survival, by killing off enemies at a distance.