Westward IV: All Aboard Credits (Windows)

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Westward IV: All Aboard Credits


Game DesignAlex Arnot
ProducerAlex Arnot
Technical DirectorMichael Felice
EngineeringMichael Felice, Joshua Soh Qishan, Tan Meng Siah, Mark
ArtAlex Arnot, Benjamin Meals, Matthew Mok Wei Cong, Samantha Ong, Kelvin Hoon (Tears)
Level DesignStephen Hosmer, Doreen Zheng Dingqi
WritingPaul Merrill
Additional ArtPeng Ven, Sharon A. Fuentes (bulak), Ryan Touchon
Quality Assurance LeadJames M. Costello
Quality Assurance EngineersCody Roesch, Darius Chan, Gerald Chow
Audio DesignDaniel Bernstein
Voice TalentDaniel Bernstein, Michael D. Blum, Gin Hammond, Mark Lund, Bhama Roget, Leah Verre
Special ThanksTreena Burton-Bernstein, Vera Counsellor, Matthew Dell, Arthur Hagman, Julian Jones, Tim Knappenberger, Jeffrey Lim, Kim Lovitt, Brian Lynch, Tomohiro Matsuzawa, Katrina Nickolan, Matthew Rudge, Falaumaina Mohd Sharil, Harv Singh, Josh White, Melissa Cuthill

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)