Westward IV: All Aboard Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The main characters
Loading screen
Game start
Top view
Henry chopping wood.
Bakery near the train station
Henry harvesting berries.
First sidequest
Henry delivering an item.
Henry digging for gold nuggets.
Henry and Anne Turner
Tutorial complete
Arriving by train to another location.
Henry fixing a barn.
Selecting a well from the construction menu.
Henry building the well.
Henry constructing a new farm.
Henry finishing a lumber camp
Creating more houses for new citizens.
Henry building a cabin.
Bandits blocked the railway.
Coal deposit
Abandoned wagon
Shop screen
Setting up a coal mine.
Coal mine
Deploying some explosives...
Henry fixing the damaged tracks.
Bubba the dog
Henry hunting deer.
Gold mine
Train station
Missions map