The Whispered World Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The copy protection
Main Menu
Meet Sadwick.
Jump from location to location on this map - but only in chapter 1.
Two talking stones - very funny guys
Sadwick's To-Do-list
Spot learned a new ability from those dragonflies.
What a beautiful sight
Using the radial menu to open that door.
Ruben isn't a very friendly person.
One of the more practical riddles
Spot is having fun - despite him being smashed a few seconds later.
The birds are in position - time to awaken Kailka.
Chapter 3 - The Asgil
Loucoux on the right is the main villian.
Well that didn't go well. Sadwick ended in jail.
There's someone hiding inside that armor.
My inventory is filled up good.
That's one complex lift.
The porter is currently without a job.
Doesn't matter what you do with Spot - he's always happy.
The train is broken.
Sadwick's goal: Corona, home of the king
Corona doesn't look like a happy place.
Spot doing all the work for a change.
The astronomer has a little speech problem.
Destroying the floor - no one cares anyway.
BioShock anyone?
Gutting Spot
No, I don't want to destroy the world! Go away!
Through his actions Sadwick allowed Loucoux to enter the palace.
Sadwick and Bobby captured.
Sadwick again sleeping on the job.
The riddle is solved and everything is back to normal - or is it?
And so the story begins...
Loucoux has been transformed into a giant blop.
Enjoying the comfort of your humble abode
The plan for how to reach the island across the lake
What's cooking?
One of the many artworks, promo images and such can be unlocked simply by playing the game.
Meeting the courier by the lake
By the big tree
The clock puzzle
I really need that red ball
Burning through the spiderweb
Scary looking fossil... looks alive though
Spot is your very dear friend
Stealing the master key
A castle in the sky
Inventive way to make a balloon