White House Joust Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and menu
This term of agreement appears when you press "Play". You can turn it off by checking the box
Choose your character
A brief instruction
Beginning the game as Bush. You start with Kerry as your opponent
Bush: Take that, freak!
Bill Clinton in level 2. Notice the small hint under him
Meeting Mr.Clinton face-to-face
This kind of egg gives you more points
Another opponent
Bush: you don't need to introduce yourself Mr.Sharpton. Everyone knows you already X-(
He always looks cool when he smiles...
Bush: hey! Can't you really say anything more than just "Guaaaaaagh", Mr.Dean?
Is this Michael Jackson?
After playing this game I will write a story: "Michael Jackson in White House"
Bush: another opponent... Oh wait! This one's different.. Ah! I remember: my sworn enemy!
Bush's dream (or nightmare?) finally comes TRUE: meeting Bin Laden face-to-face! >)
The egg with a flag gives you more missile supply
Bush: help me!
You lose a life
Probably the only woman here...
Bush: are you talking to me with some kind of secret language, Mrs.Clinton?
Where is he looking at?
Bush: well, maybe Mrs.Clinton is your secret language teacher, Mr Nader... or are you her teacher?
There's no more hint now
You can't hit your opponents when their bodies look like this. They can't hit you either
Bush: could you tell me the name of the restaurant you went to before you came here, Mr.Kennedy? It seems that you've had a really good meal :P
White House in chaos!
Bush: I'm tired of dealing with each of you already! Now take my warp! >(
Run out of life! Game over! ;(
High score
Playing as Kerry
Mr.Kerry is the most optimistic person in the world! Even when he dies, he can still smile!
Bush: Aaaaagh! Don't shoot at me please ;(