Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: 2nd Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's main menu
The game configuration option screen
This screen shows the different game modes available
The 'Fastest Finger' game. Before the game each player enters their name and their 'buzzer' key. Then the question is asked
The 'Fastest Finger' game. Of the four players 'mum' had the fastest answer. From here the player is directed to the main game screen and the game plays like a regular game
The start of a game. There's a bit of an animation before the questions are asked. The same game screen is used for the Fastest Finger game, Head to Head, and the Team game
Up to £1000 the player answers a question and, if correct they are shown their prize money. After £1000 this changes slightly
After the £1000 prize has been won the player is asked 'Is that your final answer?' after every question
After the £32,000 question has been answered the player is shown a cheque before each question, '.. but we don't want to give you that, here's the next question'
This shows the 50:50 option has been used. Two incorrect answers have been removed
Here the 'Phone a friend' option has been used. They gave answer B which is now highlighted
Here the 'Ask the Audience' option has been used
The Head to Head game. Players answer questions alternately. The same game screen is used for this game as for all games. After each round of questions the players' status is shown
The end of the Head to Head game. A player's status entry turns black when they are out of the game. The remaining player(s) continue to plat until they too are out of the game
The Team Game. Players enter their names and answer questions alternately. There is only one set of 'Phone a Friend', Ask the Audience' and '50:50' options though
In the Team Game it is the team name that appears on the cheque
There are two high score tables. This shows today's winners but does not show which is a Team Game, Head to Head or Fastest Finger winner
The 'All Time' high score table. Paul, Tom & Kristjan are some of the names that pre-populate this table on install