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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Party Edition Credits

Eidos Global

CEOJane Cavanagh
Commercial DirectorBill Ennis
Finance DirectorRob Murphy
Company SecretaryAnthony Price
European Managing DirectorScott Dodkins
Product Acquisition DirectorIan Livingstone
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
Development ManagerLee Singleton
Executive ProducerMichael Souto
Head of Brands ManagementLarry Sparks
Brand ControllerSarah Hoeksma
Brand ManagerMatthew D. Russell (credited as Matthew Russell)
Creative DirectorPatrick O'Luanaigh
DesignerBill Beacham (credited as William Beacham)
Creative Service ManagerQuinton Luck
Senior DesignerJodie Brock
Senior ArtworkerGary Blake

Support Services

Head of Support ServicesFlavia Timiani-Dean (credited as Flavia Timiani)
Support Services CoordinatorJulie Payne

Functionality QA

QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
QA SupervisorIan Rowsell
QA Lead TechniciansMatthew Poon, Daniel Webster
QA TechniciansBen Asghar, Sam Beard, Jason Claridge, Neil Delderfield, Richard Edbury, Allen Elliott, David Klein, Germaine Mendes, Daniel Mills, Ray Mullen, Carl Perrin, Garth Philip, Marcus Smikle, William Wan


QA Supervisor (Mastering)Jason Walker
Mastering EngineerRay Mullen
Special ThanksA massive thanks to all of you in the Sales, Marketing, Brand, Finance, Legal, Operations and IT teams. You've all been stars!!!

Climax Action

Executive ProducerKarl D. Jeffery, Simon Gardner
Technical DirectorJulian Rex
Art DirectorGlenn Brace
Design DirectorRhys Cadle
Production ManagerGary Burchell
Lead ProgrammerKostas Kostiadis
Senior ProgrammerAndrew Wilton
ProgrammersDamian Hammond, Tony Mack
Art Outsource ManagerDee Doherty
Senior ArtistPaul Jasicki
ArtistMike Oakley
GUI ArtistIan Sutton
Senior DesignerDan Kingdom
DesignerRoss Thody
Audio EngineerMatthew Simmonds
Quality AssuranceRussell Linn, Rob Shread
Concept DevelopmentSam Barlow, Mark Simmons
Special ThanksAndrew Earle, Andrew Grant, Julian Adams, Mark Sheppard, Balor Knight, Jeremy Moore, Greg Michael, Peter Roberts, David Llewellyn, Johnny Caggins, CTG Climax Racing, Jim Clews, Jane Austin, Loiuse Booker, Pebbles, Amanda Kostiadis, Amiee Ioanna Kostiadis, Madeleine Macphail, Mr. Jingles, Amy Lyn Presnell (credited as Amy Presnell), Florence Pirotais, Simon Pirotais-Wilton, Max Pirotais-Wilton, Victoria Gargaro, Helen Stone

Celador International

Brand ManagerDudley Spencer
Product ManagerSian Lenny
Question WritersAlison Sims, Mary Kirkland, Oenone Williams, James Ellis, Simon Morse, Paul Hurley, Jon Smith


All Vocals Recorded atSide UK[www.sideuk.co.uk]
Voice CastingAndy Emery (Side UK), Jennifer Quinn (Side UK)
Voice DirectorKate Saxon (Side UK)
Sound EngineerAnt Hales (Side UK)
Host Audio and our special thanksChris Tarrant
Voice TalentMorwenna Banks, Marcus Bentley, Brian Bowles, Olivia Caffrey, Shirley Dixon, Robin Edward, Don Gillet, Sarah Hadland, David Holt, Ray Lonnen, Maxine Peake, Robert Perkins, Zoe Peyton
Additional Voice TalentJuliana F, Gerry B, Tim E, Lee B, Jonathan W, Louise B, Ryan M, Sharon W, Lee H, Simon D, Jessica P, Leon H

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Jason Walker, 137 other games
Flavia Timiani-Dean, 100 other games
Larry Sparks, 94 other games
Scott Dodkins, 83 other games
Marc Titheridge, 69 other games
Ray Mullen, 62 other games
Ian Livingstone, 61 other games
Andy Emery, 59 other games
Matthew Simmonds, 48 other games
Darren Barnett, 47 other games
Lee Singleton, 44 other games
Jane Cavanagh, 43 other games
Quinton Luck, 36 other games
Bill Ennis, 35 other games
Anthony Price, 35 other games
Ant Hales, 32 other games
Karl D. Jeffery, 31 other games
Rob Murphy, 30 other games
Brian Bowles, 30 other games
Ian Rowsell, 30 other games
Sarah Hoeksma, 30 other games
Jodie Brock, 27 other games
Carl Perrin, 26 other games
Patrick O'Luanaigh, 26 other games
Daniel Webster, 25 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (105733)