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Wildlife Park (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Wildlife Park Credits


Game DesignMatthias Koranda, Arndt Schlichtig
Art DirectionArndt Schlichtig
Project  LeadMatthias Koranda
Additional Project LeadArndt Schlichtig, Michael Brempel, Johannes Bickle
ProgrammingMartin Schmidt, Eduard Pfarr, Armin Klippel, Jochen Heckl
Additional ProgrammingMichael Flad, Thomas Gatzke, Martin Staiger, Sascha Zepf, Volker Schmidt, Marc Schwellinger
GraphicsJohannes Graf, Karsten Knüppel, Tino Kreinberger, Arndt Schlichtig, Esther Schulz-Burck
Additional GraphicsMichael Brempel, Miriam Glorer, Ireneus Brewka, Jens Stockmann, Nedo Raclulovic, Ulrich Schempp, Thomas Kronenberg
Technical ConsultingZoo‑AG Bielefeld, Studentische Arbeitsgruppe Zoobiologie, www.zoo‑, Dirk Petzold, Sabine Wieczorek
MusicThomas Herrmann
Graphics DatabaseDe Espona
Special Thanks toPeter Gäbele, Angelika Pottgiesser, Martina Badstuber, Holger Hellmann, Hendrik Leuckefeld, Florian Schröder, Andreas Ziessmann, Manuel Hill, Besim Desmaili, Thomas Holleztschek, Borg Enders, Uwe Maier, Frank Brempel, Dominik Kolb
Personal Thanks toSusanne Schlichtig, Florian Schlichtig, Daniel Schlichtig, Niklas Schlichtig, Natalie Zweigerdt, Simone Bentele

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (116413)