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Press Release:

    Will Rock Rocks Off Store Shelves Nationwide
    Players Rock Greek Gods Back to Mount Olympus In This Frenetic, Action-Shooter

    San Francisco – June 10, 2003 – Ubi Soft Entertainment rocks PCs back to ancient Greece with the launch of Will Rock, a high-adrenaline first-person shooter for the PC. Will Rock transports players to the ancient world of Greek Gods and mythical creatures, where legions of enemies attack from every corner. Armed with enough weapons to service a small country, Will Rock satisfies any shooter fan’s trigger fix. Will Rock is also the first game to feature the Black Box Interactive Game Guide™, a fully-interactive strategy guide included in the game. Will Rock is rated “M—Mature” and is available at retail locations nationwide.

    Will Rock’s high-adrenaline, frenetic gameplay lets shooter fans rediscover their love for the pure shooter,” said Tony Kee, vice president of marketing for Ubi Soft Entertainment. “The inclusion of the Black Box Interactive Game Guide is an added bonus for any gamer.

    Developed by Saber Interactive, Will Rock's story focuses on Willford Rockwell (aka Will Rock), an unlikely hero whose body is inhabited by the spirit of an extremely angry Titan. The visually stunning environments make players believe they have traveled back to Ancient Greece, and they’ll be armed with enough weapons to single-handedly win the Trojan War. Will Rock's proprietary next-gen, 3D engine and unique weaponry let players do a little more than shoot holes in enemies. Will Rock’s tough boss enemies -- including Medusa, Cyclops and Zeus -- are the most feared gods in history. To these bad asses, bullets are like mosquito bites. Luckily for players, Will’s weapons -- including the Medusa Gun, Flaming Crossbow and Acid Rifle -- can melt, inflate and even shatter both enemies and the environment. The game’s "real-time shattering" technology allows players to break almost everything they see, providing a truly interactive experience. Players will interact against lightning blot throwing, Zeus, in the game’s grand finale to see who is the true king of the gods.

    Will Rock’s 10 dizzying single-player levels and additional expertly designed multiplayer maps is jam packed with frenetic shooting action that will make the most experienced gamer sweat. With Will Rock’s advanced gameplay technology and level design, players must rely on quick thinking and reactions to solve environmental puzzles and survive the hardcore action!

    • Decimate 15 freakish varieties of monsters and minions, including four colossally tough bosses.

    • Wield 11 unearthly weapons, including the acid gun, flaming crossbow, and nuclear atomic gun to obliterate foes in twisted new ways.

    • Explore 6 multiplayer levels with up to 16 players, featuring Deathmatch, Treasure Hunt and even Cooperative play.

    • Solve brain-busting puzzles and earn destructive powers beyond your wildest dreams with Mystical Rune power-ups, such as Titan Damage, Invincibility and the power to slow down Time.

    • Explore 10 eye-popping levels that blend the mystique of ancient Greece with the full-bore devastation of futuristic weaponry.

    • Behold revolutionary shatter and morphing technology that makes objects and enemies break, shatter, melt, inflate and burn to a crisp in real-time.

    • Black Box Guide features audio-visual level overviews and walkthroughs, plus more than 100 high-resolution maps, as wells as strategic tips, hints, and secrets, and is the best way for gamers of any age or level to bring their performance up a notch.
    About Saber Interactive
    Saber Interactive is a developer of interactive entertainment products for the PC and next generation consoles. The company is a leader in the research and development of 3D rendering technology and applies its findings to create visually spectacular games. Saber Interactive has developed one of the most sophisticated cross-platform game engines in the industry, the Saber3d Engine. Headquartered in New York City, the company employs an extremely talented team of software engineers, artists and designers with extensive experience in game development. For more information, visit www.saber3d.com.

    About Ubi Soft Entertainment
    Ubi Soft Entertainment is a global producer, publisher and international distributor of interactive entertainment products. A leading company in the industry, Ubi Soft's strong and diversified lineup has grown considerably. As well as developing original properties, Ubi Soft has also steadfastly partnered with several high-profile companies and is dedicated to delivering consumers with quality videogame titles while offering blockbuster franchises. Founded in 1986, the company has offices in 22 countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and China and sells its products in over 50 countries. For more information about Ubi Soft, visit http://www.ubi.com.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Aug 17, 2007.

Inside Flaps:




    You are Will Rock, an archaeologist gone ballistic when a fanatic cult kills your mentor and awakens the armies of Lost Olympus. Possessed by the vengeful Titan Prometheus in a freak accident, you alone have the cajones to face Zeus and his hordes of Olympian bad asses. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay.

    Earth-shattering physics effects mean objects and enemies are horribly deformed in real-time.

    Share the mayhem in six head-exploding multiplayer modes for up to eight players.

    Prepare for gut-busting arcade-style shooter action at ludicrous speeds.

    Frag, melt, petrify, inflate, and torch enemies with destructive powers beyond your wildest dreams.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69531) on Oct 11, 2003.

Back cover:

    You've got enough weapons to level a small country, and you'll need every last one. That's because the mythical hordes of Lost Olympus are looking to rip you a new one. And if you survive those freaks, you'll face the lightning-fisted wrath of Zeus himself. Gonna cry like a mortal? Or send 'em all to Hades in a hand basket?

    Obliterate mythological beasts, bloodthirsty gladiators, and wicked Greek gods.

    Dive into a rockin' interactive strategy guide from Black Box Guides (TM).

    Blast to the beats of a killer soundtrack featuring Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock".

    Mangle enemies with acid guns, flaming crossbows, nuclear atomic guns, and other frag-tastic firearms.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Aug 04, 2003.