Will Rock (Windows)

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Written by  :  Carlos Costa (2)
Written on  :  Apr 16, 2008
Rating  :  2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars

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Fail to repeat the magic of Serious Sam, but is worth-playing.

The Good

Well, I really liked Serious Sam's fast-paced action style, and I decided to play this game. For those of you who don't know SS, I'll explain it. This game puts you in large places, many of them looking like an arena. Then an army of enemies spawn at every side of you and... guess what you will have to do, right? The spirit of this game is only killing. It doesn't have profound plot or any real puzzle; it really is a game for the ones who like non-stop shooting, like me. Some weapons are innovative, like the sniper crossbow, acid gun who makes enemies grow fat until they explode, and a medusa gun who turns enemies to stone. The scenario is ancient Greece, and your objective is to kill Zeus to rescue a girl.

The Bad

Well, the first thing i didn't liked is that the enemies are very weak; most of them you can kill with your pistol. They don't cause much damage and there are tons of health and ammo distributed through the stages, which makes this game pretty easy in the normal difficult. Unlike Serious Sam, you don't really fear the enemies; I needed my rocket launcher (called fireball thrower here) and minigun very few times. Seriously, you can beat this game only using the basic weapons (pistol, shotgun, machine gun). Many times the enemies just spawn in front of you, asking to be killed. The majority of them have the same type of attack, which is throwing a weapon, like an axe, mace, knife, and others. Most of the "secrets" in this game are very obvious to find, like a treasure hidden beneath a stair. So, if you're trying to repeat the challenge of Serious Sam, forget about this game.

The Bottom Line

If killing a lot of enemies is fun to you, try this game. If you want a challenge, try the hardest difficulty. It is an extreme FPS, so if you aren't a fanatical by gunfire, don't buy this game.