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Windows version

The intro is told via comic book style images.
You can't hear it but Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock" blasts in the background for all the menu screens.
The (only) load screen.
The bad guys have dragged your girlfriend into this temple. Time to Rock!
A quick stop to check yourself out in the mirror then onwards.
Skelletons seem to be a fixture in FPS games these days.
Your sniper crossbow fires incendiary arrows.
Statues have a nasty tendancy to come to life and throw things at you.
Turn down the volume before killing these cherubs or your neighbors will call social services on you.
Federal law requires all computer games produced after 1994 to contain at least one lava jumping sequence.
Time to show these gladiator wannabes how a machinegun works.
Barrels explode when you shoot them. It's what they do. Everyone knows that.
Oh yeah, I'll just wander down here into the open area. It should be perfectly safe....
Some archeologists get a bullwhip. All you get is this lousy shovel.
This weapon is not the Ectoplasmer from Painkiller Overdose...
Rocket laucher has a cool design
I'm prepared to fight with my crossbow whatever monster will appear
Well, Will Rock is not a scary game, so, you can't be afraid of some narrow passages
Ancestor of Portal?
Hand Grenade
Tiger and skeleton? Well, come to see Uncle Will
This is an enemy... Not a simple statue...
Just like in the beginning of the first level, the designers have taken inspiration from the ancient city of Petra. Level 2 starts in the recreation of Petra's theatre.
The game has many generic areas with similar layout that only differ in certain details. Open courtyards like this make for a good place to fight off continuous waves of enemies.
An ominously lit door leads inside... But it won't open until you've been through all the enemy waves here.