William R. Fisher's Beyond the Spirit's Eye Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

ShadowCrest looms ahead
Main town street
Inside the town's tavern
Clues for finding the solution to this puzzle are found elsewhere
Sinister eye in a box
You find a torn piece of paper (jigsaw puzzle)
Tia, daughter of the town's former doctor, makes her appearance in this courtyard
A strange table with a smoking pot
Title Screen
Tia appears again and talks to you.
Graveyard tower
Entryway; Inventory showing
A pretty gazebo in the graveyard
Witch; showing dialog
Cutscene masked villain
The graveyard also has another building - a house.
A pirate's skull?
Ghastly visions
The town map. Click on a highlighted location to travel there instantly.
Walking; showing movement icon
A block puzzle. Object: using the colored block, push each spider block into an empty (black) one.
A cryptic clue found in a drawer.
And yet another eerie room
Room with an ancient piano
A journal
The tunnels deep down below the sewer grate.
A match-3 type puzzle.
Turn these wheels in a certain order
Doctor Benzor's laboratory
The doctor's microscope
The crypt is finally open!
Sinister skeletons aim to stop you