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Back of Box - Windows (France):
    TO BE... As Young Hamlet, you must avenge the terrible murder of your father and become the new King of Denmark. Use cunning, courage and nerves of steel to survive five levels of gameplay and win the crown in a last and vicious sabre duel in cyber space. Become "whole and complete" in body and spirit by collecting all ten wits of man. Your task is to kill the King, but prevent the deaths of the innocent!

    NOT TO BE... is the complete and unabridged text of the original Hamlet play. Each page is linked to scholarly commentary and insights into the Renaissance world. Fifteen "Books of Lore" provide fascinating clues on topics including Renaissance Love and Marriage, Flowers and Herbs, Poisons and Potions, Archery, Fencing and much more.
    • 25 exciting action and adventure games
    • 40 minutes of full-screen film clips from the motion picture
    • Stunning 3-D virtual graphics
    Renaissance Man, your guide, awaits you in the Observatory of Elsinore Palace.

    Revenge your father's death by killing King Claudius, but saving Queen Gertrude.

    Follow the clues in the forest to the willow tree where Ophelia, gone mad with love, awaits your rescue.

    The final duel has arrived. Will you meet your match? Before taking on your adversary...

    ...master the ten wits of man through 25 challenges.

Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Apr 30, 2007.