Wing Commander 1+2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

WC1 - Main title.
WC1 - Between every mission you can come to a bar and talk to other pilots.
WC1 - Talking to Angel.
WC1 - Mission briefing.
WC1 - Spirit will be your first wingman.
WC1 - Red alert, the mission is afoot.
WC1 - Prepping to take off.
WC1 - Exiting the hangar door.
WC1 - Enemy in sight, time warm up the cannons.
WC1 - You can also check the side and rear views.
WC1 - Checking the mission flight path.
WC1 - Flying through the mine field.
WC1 - Earning your first medal.
WC1 - The more you save your game, the more people will be filling the bunks in the barracks.
WC1 - Closing in on the large enemy ship, but I'm out of missiles.
WC1 - Being hit can disrupt your eject system, weapons, or most useful thing for a pilot, a radar.
WC1 - The enemy will try to provoke you whenever they get their chance.
WC1 - Every few missions, cut-scenes will kick in with update on the story.
WC2 - Main title.
WC2 - Opening cinematic.
WC2 - Hangar.
WC2 - Interacting with other NPCs.
WC2 - Dogfight.
WC2 - Flying through an asteroid field.
WC2 - Meeting old friends.
WC2 - Preparing to dock on the battleship.
WC2 - Err, it was just a fender bender.
WC2 - Player character.