Wing Commander: Privateer - Gemini Gold Credits


Project LeadJohn Cordell
Programming & SupportDaniel Horn, Jason Winzenried
Artwork & 3D ModelingJohn Cordell, Chris Hale, Lathan Stanley, Jason Winzenried, Claas Kuhnen, Brad McKinstry, Strangelet, Gammaray, Claudio Freire, Zeog
Speech & Sound EditingJohn Cordell
Quality AssuranceLaurel Victoria Daston
PlaytestingKai Frederking, Laurent Jeanpierre (Dr.), Gary Bohms, Brad McKinstry, Ron McKeown, David Medley, Marcus Rumpf, StormRider, Nicolas Conception
Documentation & WebsiteJohn Cordell
Thanks toOrigin Systems Inc., The Vega Strike engine development team, All people who contributed to Privateer Gemini Gold and the Privateer Remake project, The CIC community and Solsector staff

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